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Brad Miller

Hello, and welcome to my digital portfolio. I recently graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Master's Degree in Public History with a focus on Historic Preservation, and a new resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I am excited to get involved with new projects and initiatives! As a public historian, I see myself as a facilitator of community-based history aimed to preserve the stories and culture of the past to help us better understand ourselves and others in the present and future.


My interests lie in the layers of history embedded within buildings and landscapes, as well as the social contest over space. My Master's thesis combined these interests by looking at the position of African American funeral homes in segregated communities across Tennessee as symbols of identity and embodiments of new social space in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


I also engaged in professional archival practice, museum exhibit development, and assisted in references services during my two year graduate assistantship at the Albert Gore Research Center.

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